Natural cosmetic products made in New Zealand from Cosmetic Treatments. Our cosmetic products online combine natural extracts giving you healthy, revitalised skin.

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Co-developed by Carin Andresen, Cosmetic Treatments offers a range of foot creams, hand and body lotions, anti aging creams and other natural cosmetic products such as bio-deoderant.

Our skin care products combine a powerful natural antioxidant obtained from New Zealand pine bark extract. This is a unique formula that has proven to help purify the skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalised.

Cosmetic Product Categories

As our cosmetic products are hand-made, please allow up to 7-10 days for delivery of your order.

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Foot care products from Cosmetic Treatments, New Zealand

Foot Care Products

Range of foot care products including Foot Cream and Foot Deo-Deoderant.

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Skin care products from Cosmetic Treatments, New Zealand

Skin Care Products

Range of skin care products including Exfoliant Gel and Hand Lotion.

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Ant aging skin care products from Cosmetic Treatments, New Zealand

Anti Aging Products

Range of anti aging products including Anti Aging Eye Cream.

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Other cosmetic products from Cosmetic Treatments, New Zealand

Other Cosmetic Products

Range of other cosmetic products including Bio-Deoderant.

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NEW PRODUCT! Body Lotion Body Lotion Cosmetic, Skin care treatments New Zealand

A light conditioning lotion that absorbs quickly, moisturises and leaves the skin feeling soft and beautifully scented. Fresh and fruity. Ingredients: Fruit Blossom Tea, Lemon Blossom and Coconut Oil.

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About Cosmetic Treatments

Carin Andresen moved to New Zealand from a small village in the rural part of Germany. Along with her father, an experienced scientist and product developer, Carin developed a cosmetic product range using natural extracts from New Zealand pine bark.

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For existing customers we can offer a loyalty card which is now available for NZ$25, valid for one year. Benefits include 1 free product of your choice and a NZ$5 discount on any product purchased during membership year.

Feedback From Clients

I have been using some of Carin's products for approximately 18 months now and I find them of very high standard. I use the Anti-Ageing Cream, Night Cream and also the Foot Cream..." (more)

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To order a product, or for further information, please phone Carin on 0064 27 436 6311 or email: