Cosmetic Treatments provides a wide range of skin care treatments including acne treatments, facials cleansers and anti aging creams.

About Cosmetic Treatments

Carin Andresen - founder of Cosmetic Treatments

Carin Andresen was born in a small village in the rural part of Germany. Although this area was not very fashion and beauty conscious she was interested, at a young age, in the world of glamour. After finishing school she trained as a beauty therapist and starting doing some modeling which took her to Italy and Hong Kong, eventually she ended up in New Zealand.

Whilst modeling she had to use all different brands of cosmetics, many of which were not always kind to her skin. The variety on the market was impressive and fascinating and she started to dream of owning her own product range.

When she settled in New Zealand 20 years ago, pedicures were neither well known nor very popular and the services offered not as good as they possibly could have been. What she noticed was that, although there were a great many “beauty products” on the market, there were hardly any dedicated to the feet.

Carin realised that she could achieve her dream and she contacted her father in Germany, an experienced scientist and product developer. He helped her to develop the foot products she needed. He also told her that he was doing some research work on New Zealand pine bark extract, the most powerful natural antioxidant he knew. Carin immediately asked him whether it would be possible to use that material in cosmetic products. That is how it all started and Carin's dream became true.

More than five years ago Carin started the Cosmetic Treatments product range. With a steadily rising demand, Cosmetic Treatments now supplies to a range of clients and beauty therapists worldwide.