Cosmetic Treatments customer feedback about the service and quality of the products they received with Cosmetic Treatments.

Customer Feedback

Here is some feedback from customers about Cosmetic Treatments:

I have been using some of Carin's products for approximately 18 months now and I find them of very high standard. I use the Anti-Ageing Cream, Night Cream and also the Foot Cream. I was previously using La Mer Moisturiser which was beautiful but very expensive and my partner says my face looks equally as good with using Carin' s products. I would also like to mention that for years I have had awful scaly legs and I now use the Foot Cream on them and they are smooth and gorgeous."

"A Happy Customer", Blenheim

Carin's Foot Cream is superior to other foot creams I have used. It moistens and cools hot dry feet, also rejuvenates gardening hands. A gift that always delights."

T. Stevenson

Carin's Foot Deo feels refreshing and really deodorises effectively as well as long lasting. The best I have ever used!"

J. Stevenson

Carin's Light Eye Cream is the best I have ever used. I have tried others that didn't go on so well."

Emma Rondell, Christchurch

Having used another brand of hand cream for many years, I found it hard to even try Carin's professional Hand Cream and when I did, I was very critical. But I must say I now believe it to be a top quality product where I don't need to use as much as other brands and I don't need to use it as often. Even after I wash my hands, they are still moist and I don't need to apply more."


Not having used this (Apres Balm) before, I was not aware how much better my face would feel after I shaved. I now won't shave without using it afterwards as it stops whisker rash and tightens my skin."